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Powerful Integrations

AINAR integrates with Accurate.Video to deliver comprehensive automatically generated metadata with no need for manual input.


With this particular workspace you can easily define the start and end of a program, create breaks and distinguish parts of your video to prepare for commercial breaks etc.

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The ad break markers highlights the in and out point that cuts through the whole timeline to really clarify the exact position of the breaks.
Cut markers
Mark out sections of the video to remove, e.g. for compliance reasons.

Ad break
program table

In the program tab you have a program table that lines up all the different parts of your video. For each ad break that you create, a new part is created in the program table.

This gives you a sublime overview of your content with regards to the amount of breaks and duration between each break as well as the total program duration.

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Easy to navigate
Clicking on a part will display that part in the timeline.
Outside of program
Markers in this section will not contribute to the calculation of program/part durations.

Ad break
program table

Accurate.Video is specifically designed for collaborative professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind.

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Improvements to Audio Meter settings and marker selection behavior.
The concept of Projects has been introduced. It will allow users to work with multiple sources.
Snapshots are no longer deleted when creating a poster.

More from Codemill

Content validation

Verify that audio, video, and subtitles are of the desired quality.
Audio scrubbing built with the latest web component standards.

Audio validation

Identify audio layouts, re-route the audio, detect phase issues and more.

Ad breaks

Highlighting operations for downstream execution, such as Ad-breaks.

More to come

Workspaces are
continuously added to support more use cases.