Partner Pack

Thank you for being a Codemill partner. We truly value our partner ecosystem and this pack is designed to give you everything you need to leverage Codemill, Cantemo and Accurate.Video, as well as information on how to input your latest views and news back to us.


About Codemill

Codemill is a leading full stack custom software developer for the Media and Entertainment industry. Codemill’s Accurate.Video product suite and Accurate Player SDK power the World’s leading broadcast, VOD/OTT and Content Supply Chain platforms and Media Asset Management workflows. Codemill’s Cantemo solution is a scalable and modular MAM. Codemill's clients are major Hollywood studios including ViacomCBS, broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV and ProSieben.Sat1, VOD/OTT services including Joyn, along with publishers and brands such as The Guardian.

About Cantemo

Cantemo is a scalable and modular MAM solution that provides fast search and playback. It can be easily integrated with mainstream third-party tools, enabling users to continue to work with their assets in the normal way while Cantemo takes care of metadata management in the background. Cantemo offers extensive out-of-the-box Media Asset Management (MAM) functionality, combined with powerful REST APIs for advanced customisation.

Having recently been acquired by Codemill, Cantemo is currently undergoing extensive product development, with new features and integrations due to be launched over the coming months. We are always keen to hear if there are specific developments or integrations that your customers are asking for.

About Accurate.Video

Accurate.Video is a web-based video platform created for broadcast, post-production and media professionals. Designed for seamless integration with our customer’s video platform, application or MAM. It enables media professions to enrich their content with state-of-the-art AI/ML metadata extractors.

About Accurate Player SDK


All files are PNG. If you wish to get access to other formats or other resolutions, please get in touch.

Marketing guidelines

Please note that Cantemo Portal is now simply Cantemo. We are in the process of bringing the brand more in line with Codemill. It will continue to be the same great product with the same strong level of support it has always been with more functionality and integrations to be rolled out over the coming months.

As we continue to build our marketing campaign for Codemill , we would like to work closely with all of our partners to leverage all the amazing work you are doing. That means we would love to know about:

  • New customers we can jointly feature, in case studies and/or press releases
  • Products that integrate with Cantemo
  • Services you provide on top of Cantemo

We would also love to feature partners on our blog, so we would like to know if you have an idea for a post you can contribute. We have a few guidelines we would like you to stick to if you are creating written content. If you have raw content to provide, please use the appropriate form below