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Bringing the applications to the content!

Accurate.Video enables browser-based workflows that reduces the time, and need, to move and download content by bringing advanced media features to the user.

Launch Template Architecture (LTA)

LTA enables Accurate.Video to be integrated with anything. Define the technical and descriptive metadata you need for your tailor-made media workflow in the json template.

The LTA concept enables a wider adoption of the Accurate.Video solution across the business which means that you as a partner can find even more Accurate.Video opportunities.

How will you use Accurate.Video?


  • Verify and edit technical metadata
  • Advanced audio features
  • Multiple subtitle formats
  • Playback muxed audio- and subtitles tracks
  • Import and create time-based metadata


  • Edit one or more videos
  • Decisions based on time-based metadata
  • Preview the result without delay
  • Head & tail trimming
  • Compliance edits & segmentations


  • Proxy-based workflow
  • Create posters from original files
  • Use safe area / overlay templates 
  • Pre-define aspect ratios and resolutions
  • Easy-to-use UI

Features include

Accurate.Video is specifically designed for collaborative professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind.

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Metadata visualization

Metadata visualisation

  • Timeline displaying frame-accurate, time-coded metadata.
  • Ingest metadata from third-party applications.
  • Configurable metadata visualisation.

Audio Features

Audio features

  • Multiple simultaneous discrete or muxed audio tracks.
  • Mute and isolate specific audio channels in different audio profiles.
  • Audio loudness levels from audio timeline waveforms and audio phase meters.
  • Individual audio channel routing.

Subtitles & closed captions

  • Supports multiple, simultaneous subtitles and closed captions tracks.
  • Import SCC, TTML, WebVTT, SRT, STL and IMSC formats.
  • Export subtitle metadata.
  • Import and playback SCC, SRT, STL, PAC, Lambda CAP, iTT, TTML, WebVTT and IMSC 1.1 formats.

Annotations and markers

Annotations & markers

  • Manual markers, comments and annotations.
  • Quickly set in and out frame.
  • Import and export markers as JSON, XML, CSV or EDL.

Validate your content

Accurate.Video Validate is specifically designed for efficient professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind. With three predefined validation workspaces focused on specific use-cases, however, the interface can be tailored to your specific needs.

Content validation

Verify that audio, video, and subtitles are of the desired quality.
Audio scrubbing built with the latest web component standards.

Audio validation

Identify audio layouts, re-route the audio, detect phase issues and more.

Ad breaks

Highlighting operations for downstream execution, such as Ad-breaks.

More to come

Workspaces are
continuously added to support more use cases.

Working with metadata

Validate and enrich your content with technical and time-based metadata using our flexible marker- and metadata panel.

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Audio validation

Make sure your audio is in sync using our built in waveforms, VU-meter, Phase-meters and virtual audio layouts.

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Ad breaks

Define content duration & identify good spots for ad breaks. Place ad breaks & get a quick overview of the duration between breaks!

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Subtitle Fixing

With the Subtitle Fix Tool enables QC teams to quickly identify and fix subtitles, directly in the cloud.

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Edit your content

Accurate.Video Edit allows operators to trim videos to remove unwanted parts, delete segments and keep the video’s most important sections or combine multiple clips into one longer video.

Create subclip

Create subclips

Manage press previews and prepare other types of marketing material.


Easily remove bars, slates, tones or black frames.

Metadata driven

Use time-based metadata to streamline your work.


Export and render segments as individual files or as a new single file.

Subclipping using metadata

Use time-based metadata to make instant editing decisions. Make use of AI generated metadata, or manually created markers, to remove colour bars, end credits, make compliance edits and more!

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Remove unwanted segments

Remove unwanted parts of the video by the click of a button, the intuitive UI allows the users to quickly remove, or include, multiple segments in one action.

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Export new assets

Segments can be rendered and exported as individual files or a single new file. Editors have the flexibility to export video and audio, to a format of their choice.

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Generate posters

Accurate.Video Poster allows you to quickly generate graphics to use in your OTT or VOD platform. Select images at a frame-level and edit to your desired aspect ratio. The process is easy and efficient using templates and safe areas to guide your work.

Increased speed

Work rapidly with a proxy in the browser while generating posters from the original.


Drag-and-drop UI with real time preview.


Image templates and no fly zones/ safe areas.

Aspect ratio

Use pre-defined aspect ratios or create your own.

Templates from metadata

Image templates and no fly zones / safe areas.

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Aspect ratio

Use pre-defined aspect ratios or create your own.

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Local download

Continue working with your hi-res posters on your local machine.

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How do I get started?

Accurate.Video sits on top of your existing infrastructure and can currently be deployed on the following platforms.

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