5 Ways to Empower Media Teams

April 13, 2023
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The NAB Show Centennial is here! The show is as influential as ever, but media workflows have changed beyond all recognition during its lifespan. NAB Show 2023 promises to be a portal into audio and video trends and next-generation technology, as well as a place for new products to be discovered. With a growing number of assets being produced and managed by media organisations, we need to keep innovating to redefine the future of content creation and distribution.

However, a surprising number of media companies are still working with outdated methods. Some haven’t leveraged the opportunities that cloud-based workflows, automation, and metadata can offer. In 2023 no-one should be managing their media with spreadsheets or discussing content edits in a disjointed email chain. It’s time to incorporate seamless solutions into your workflows, to manage and process large volumes of content more effectively.

Let’s look at 5 ways to empower media teams – with workflow applications that not only save companies time and money, but also ensure that content operators and editors enjoy their day.

1. Deliver with confidence

Designed specifically for collaborative, professional media workflows, Accurate.Video enables media organisations to intuitively respond to the demands of high-volume content operations with time-based metadata.

Edit, validate, and enrich your media with predefined, yet configurable, workspaces that focus on a specific use-case. Whether you need to optimise your validation, editing, audio, or ad-break workflows, Accurate.Video automates labour-intensive media processing – including essential edit segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation.

Accurate.Video was created to fit in with content teams and designed to respond to the demands of high-volume content operations. The cloud-native suite of solutions streamlines content preparation for broadcast and post-production media professionals and integrates with any video platform, application, or MAM.

2. Manage content at scale

Cantemo is a highly customisable, flexible, and scalable MAM software, accessible to users through a standard web browser. Cantemo integrates with post-production workflows, with powerful time-based metadata for frame accurate logging, search and media playback.

The latest version, Cantemo 6, has been redesigned to optimise workflows and improve the user experience (UX). It features a refreshed user interface (UI), simplifying the searching and filtering of assets, and improving workflow automation. Cantemo offers a huge choice of solutions to maximise media workflows. Work on your own in-house custom development or use the Codemill REST APIs to easily connect with your favourite NLE or cloud based post-production workflow tools.

Expand your horizons with Cantemo and create workflows that are adaptable, integrated, and elegant.

3. Ensure speedy access to assets

Imagine a world where you could play original content without creating proxies! Well, that dream is now a reality with the Just-in-Time (JiT) media playback engine.

The cloud-native, auto-scaling, low latency, full-res media playback engine enables instant playback of any video format without generating proxies. With JiT, media operators have everything they need at their fingertips. JiT can play all video formats and includes embedded and discrete audio, plus subtitles.

It includes support for; audio scrubbing, frame-stepping, multi-channel audio switching, multiple subtitle display, and extensive keyboard controls. Original, high-resolution media can be played from any storage location, both on-prem and in the cloud. JiT is available as an option for Accurate Player, Accurate.Video, and Cantemo MAM software.

Stream your favourite formats to your browser – in real-time, in high quality, and without proxies.

4. Integrate content supply chains

Easy integrations are essential for any complex media organisation. Not only do Codemill products integrate with each other, but they also integrate with many of the leading post-production workflows and archive technologies available today. The most effective media processes rely on a combination of tools and solutions which connect and keep your media flowing.

Content workflows need to be seamless, intuitive and adaptable, and at Codemill we deliver. Our solutions are designed to integrate with any browser-based content management platform or media workflow application. We pride ourselves on working with best-in-class partners and delivering deep technology integrations, with comprehensive documentation and REST APIs.

Our latest news at NAB, includes the integration of Accurate Player SDK with software from Embrace, helping media companies to manage and visualise their content workflows in the cloud. As well as the integration of Accurate.Video with Backlight’s iconik media asset management solution. This gives iconik users access to advanced content processing functionality, such as logging, curation, validation, QC, and media segmentation, with just one click.

5. Create Superior User Experiences

The best customer journeys begin with great design, but no design makes sense without purpose. At Codemill, we help our customers understand their users and support them to deliver the right tools and solutions. In any programme or application creation, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are vital when building a user-centric platform. UX and UI go hand in hand - you can’t deliver a great UX without an aesthetically pleasing and purposeful UI.

Through our extensive experience and understanding of both media workflows and the challenges of the media supply chain, we deliver optimal solutions for your users. Codemill Digital Services offers an integrated customer experience . From research and ideation to design and beyond, our Digital Services team exists to help you realise your media ambitions.

Let’s entertain the world together at NAB. Meet with Codemill to discuss the future of the content supply chain. Make sure you schedule a meeting and make it happen.

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