Accurate.Video and Cubix integration

Johan Bergström
September 11, 2023
Codemill announces a new Accurate.Video integration with Ortana Media Group

Codemill announces a new Accurate.Video integration with Ortana Media Group and their Cubix Yunify and Halo asset management, orchestration, and automation platforms. Combining cloud-native content processing with Ortana’s highly adaptable orchestration engine, Accurate.Video enables highly efficient media processing, with frame accurate playback and time-based metadata workflows - seamlessly deployed as part of a client defined media supply chain. 

Adding the Accurate.Video integration allows Cubix users to access advanced content processing functionality, such as logging, curation, validation, QC, and media segmentation, with just one click.

‍Both Accurate.Video and Cubix are cloud-native, supporting browser-based content workflows. Cubix Yunify and Halo are modular and highly scalable providing a complete end to end solution (on-prem, fully cloud native or a hybrid mix) with over 70 API integrations. Architected from the beginning to wrap around a customer's entire estate to transform workflows and efficiently glue together existing resources into a single monitored, automated and orchestrated layer. Accurate.Video is built for collaborative, professional media workflows, with time-based metadata in mind, and is designed to optimise labour-intensive asset processing.

Both platforms enhance content with metadata management and visualization. Through Cubixs’ highly configurable and flexible metadata models, users can further enrich metadata to be used for research, discoverability and content monetisation. With Accurate.Video, users can import and create time-based metadata, verify and edit technical metadata, and work with advanced video, audio and subtitle functionality. Accurate.Video also utilises time-based metadata for essential edits and media segmentation, such as sub-clipping, rough-cut editing, and highlight creation. 

The integration seamlessly connects the data in Cubix with the Accurate.Video workspace. This allows Cubix users to reference all associated metadata, comments, markers, and annotations in Accurate.Video and it makes the design and operation of workflows for content acquisition, editing, fulfillment, and delivery, as efficient and streamlined as possible.

“Our goal is to deliver the Accurate.Video tools to as many as possible, by integrating with our friends at Ortana we take another step closer to this vision. Cubix and Accurate.Video will complement each other, through an integration to further deliver a unified experience together.”
Neil Anderson, CRO at Codemill

"Having personally had a long working relationship with the team at Codemill, I am very excited to add Codemill to our list of key technical partners, bringing further enhancements to the Cubix product line to bring even more benefits to our global client base".

Simon Harper, Partnerships Manager at Ortana Media Group

Accurate.Video is a suite of cloud-native solutions that streamline content preparation for broadcast and post-production media professionals. It is designed for seamless integration with any video platform, application, or MAM, and features metadata-driven workflows in a configurable, frame accurate, user-interface.

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