Accurate.Video for Content Validation and QC

January 18, 2023
Diving in the Deep End of the Media Pool

In the complex world of media workflows, pretty much anything and everything has the potential to go wrong. Issues can arise at any point in the media lifecycle, and even the smallest error can have a knock-on effect to content providers. Consumers are more sensitive to errors than ever, and operators are under more pressure to ensure their content meets growing audience demand. In this blog series, we will look at 3 key areas where frame-accurate, metadata-driven workflows can help content providers exceed the expectations of viewers.

Quality control and content validation is crucial in ensuring the highest standards of video, but it can be a complex and resource heavy process. However, if the right tools are implemented, common errors such as faults in the video playback, audio problems and subtitle issues, can be easily mitigated.

Addressing the Challenges

Accurate.Video was designed for collaborative media workflows to address the challenges faced by professionals throughout the content production and preparation process. It provides the most efficient tools for making efficient edits based on metadata, verifying localisation for different channels or markets, and quickly identifying issues in everything from audio to technical metadata.


Audio problems can be common, with issues such as varying loudness, incorrect audio layout, or glitches, significantly impacting the user experience.

Accurate.Video includes advanced audio features, such as support for the playback of multiple, simultaneous discrete or muxed audio tracks, and the ability to mute or isolate audio channels in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and more. In audio workspace, users can enable virtual tracks for audio validation, and visualise audio waveforms across multiple audio tracks, as well as checking audio loudness levels, silence, clipping, stereo balance, audio phasing, and language labelling.


Subtitles have a vital role to play within media content, and issues with positioning, readability, and sync ruin the viewing experience.

Accurate.Video provides the tools to check subtitles for sync and style. The clear overview of metadata markers makes it simple to keep the sync between each video frame and its matching subtitles. With support for multiple, simultaneous subtitles and closed captions tracks, users can accurately check subtitle timing, on-screen positioning, and misspelling, mitigating any issues before the final content is distributed. Accurate.Video can accurately playback SCC, TTML, WebVTT, and IMSC formats.


Advertising is becoming a higher priority for many content owners as AVOD subscription tiers are increasingly prevalent. However, it is important to consider the consumer’s expectations when inserting ads into media. Too many ads can cause frustration and poorly placed ads interrupt the flow of the content.

Using the metadata driven ad-break workspace, users can define content durations and easily identify the best spots for ad breaks, with AI-based shot change detection from sources such as Amazon Rekognition. This reduces those manual processes and speeds up segmentation, allowing media organisations to efficiently manage content at scale.

Annotation and Preparation

The way that media is presented plays a huge part in the success of your offering. Ensuring issues are addressed prior to distribution is key.

Accurate.Video utilises time-based metadata, allowing media operators to efficiently visualise and review content, and take ownership of any corrective action. Editors can add specific time-based information to the asset for use in later stages in the customers internal workflow, and can import and export markers as JSON, XML, CSV or EDL.

Accurate.Video streamlines content preparation for broadcast, post-production, and media professionals. It is designed for seamless integration with any video platform, application, or MAM, and features metadata-driven workflows in a configurable, frame accurate, user-interface. With features designed to streamline the editing process, it provides the ideal solution for QC operators to make any essential media edits.

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