Codemill at NAB 2024: Innovations in Media Workflows and Subtitle Management

March 13, 2024
This year at NAB 2024, Codemill will unveil its latest advancements in media workflow solutions and subtitle management tools. This marks a significant step forward for professionals in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Cantemo 6 - Now Shipping

Cantemo 6, the latest update to our media management software, brings a host of improvements designed to optimize user experience and increase efficiency in media workflows. With a refreshed user interface that aligns with our highly regarded Accurate.Video products, Cantemo 6 offers users an intuitive and streamlined workflow. Enhanced functionality, such as advanced filtering options, saved searches, and accessible search history, ensures that navigating and managing content is quicker and more efficient than ever. With Cantemo 6 we’ve also integrated Accurate Player which enhances media workflows with real-time subtitle rendering (STL, SRT, SCC, PAC, CAP, WebVTT, TTML & IMSC1.1), multi-channel embedded and discrete audio handling, and streamlined quality control, offering a seamless user experience.

Just-In-Time Playback in Accurate.Video Validate

Another significant innovation Codemill is excited to showcase is our Just-In-Time (JIT) playback technology integrated into Accurate.Video Validate, our flagship Quality Control (QC) product. JIT playback allows for real-time, frame-accurate scrubbing, and playback of native-resolution media formats (such as ProRes and MXF, including JPEG2000 and HTJ2K), directly from storage (including S3), eliminating the need for proxy generation. JIT not only provides real time playback of full resolution media in the cloud, but also reduces the long term storage cost and low resolution compromise, associated with proxy media content.

Subtitle Fixing

A highlight of Codemill's presentation at NAB will be the unveiling of our new Subtitle Fix Tool, for Accurate.Video. Technical Operations teams face significant challenges with subtitle QC and the need to quickly and efficiently fix subtitle problems. The most common subtitle issues include spelling mistakes, timing errors and offsets and subtitle positioning problems. Most subtitle editors are legacy Windows desktop  applications, leading to clunky, time consuming and often costly corrections. With the Subtitle Fix Tool for Accurate.Video, the ability to correct common subtitle errors in the web browser, enables QC teams to quickly identify and fix subtitles, directly in the cloud.

Dolby Vision & HDR10 Playback

An essential aspect of the playback puzzle involves enabling native playback of Dolby Vision content within the web browser. This has posed considerable challenges until now. Leveraging technology from Dolby, we are now able to provide seamless playback of Dolby Vision and HDR10 content in 1080p and 4K directly within Accurate.Video, Accurate Player SDK and Cantemo. Integrated into Accurate.Video Validate, this new functionality accelerates the quality control process, while reducing long-term operational costs and mitigating compromises associated with low-resolution proxy media content.

Why Visit Codemill at NAB?

  • Experience Cantemo 6: Get hands-on with the latest version of our media management software and see how the elegant new UI, intuitive UX and integrated Accurate Player can enhance your media workflow and be more efficient.
  • See JIT Playback in Action: Learn how JIT playback in Validate transforms cloud-native media QC workflows, offering unprecedented, speed quality and frame accuracy.
  • Explore the Subtitle Tool: Discover how to quickly and efficiently QC subtitles and fix common errors, without leaving the cloud.
  • Dolby Vision & HDR10 playback: Realtime 4K Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback, directly from the cloud, enabling full resolution content validation workflows in Accurate.Video, on-demand and without compromise.

Codemill's presence at this year's NAB Show underscores our commitment to developing solutions that address the real-world challenges media professionals face.

Meet us in the West hall booth w2424.

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