Codemill Increases Quality Control Support with VidiNet BatonQC

Umeå, Sweden, 14th December 2021: Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) has announced that its professional Quality Control (QC) review application, Accurate.Video Validate, now integrates directly with Vidispine’s VidiNet platform automated QC service, to deliver a comprehensive QC and review solution. The solution, powered by Interra Systems Baton auto-QC and the VidiCore API from Arvato Systems’ brand Vidispine, is specifically designed for collaborative professional media workflows with time-based metadata in mind.

Accurate.Video Validate is a scalable, lightweight solution that sits on top of customer infrastructure to validate and ensure the Quality Control of video, audio, subtitles, and time-based metadata. Developed to elevate workflows through leveraging AI and ML to automate the manual-labour intensive validation process, Accurate.Video Validate ensures errors are reduced and video consumer expectations are met.

Interra Systems Baton is an automated QC platform, offering comprehensive quality checks for black frames, RGB colour gamut, video dropouts, compression issues and more. The Baton QC service running on the VidiNet cloud platform scales dynamically with your workload and is charged per content minute.

Stefan Eckardt, Head of Platform Success, within the Arvato Systems’ Vidispine team, commented: “Video quality is increasingly important in the world of media and entertainment and this integration will help users to streamline their QC processes.”

The combination of Accurate Video.Validate with VidiCore and the new BatonQC service in VidiNet is essential for reviewing QC reports. It offers visualisation of timecode-based QC metadata on the timeline, as well as the ability to download the Baton QC report in PDF format. This enables QC operators to rapidly determine what to do with media assets failing any kind of quality checks to ensure accuracy and good quality of asset delivery in any media supply chain.

When media files receive a warning, or fail a QC test, VidiCore can notify QC operators, who log in to the Accurate Video.Validate graphical user interface, to inspect the errors and warnings, which are elegantly presented in a timeline view. Operators can also choose to view the native Baton report to obtain even further details. The QC operator can then clear the item for further processing through the workflow, or send it back for re-editing, re-transcoding or fixing.

Neil Anderson, CRO, Codemill, added: “We are delighted to offer this integration to Vidispine users. Working with VidiNet BatonQC means users can access intuitive and user-friendly QC tools to view the results. Operators can rapidly ensure the quality, compliance, and playability of audio and video before delivery. Accurate.Video was created to enrich workflows, and this latest integration with Vidispine delivers an enhanced automated QC solution.”

Accurate Video.Validate works with any VidiCore deployment, connected to the Baton QC service, running in VidiNet. More information here.

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