Codemill Integrates Accurate.Video Validate with Cantemo

Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) has announced deep integration between its flagship Accurate.Video Validate QC application and newly acquired Cantemo Media Asset Management software. It has also been integrated with Accurate.Video Poster. The integrations follow the recent acquisition of Cantemo by Codemill, which took place in June this year.

Technical operations teams can now review and QC all aspects of their content within Validate, with all metadata and media managed by Cantemo. For example, QC operators can add manual markers in Validate and set the asset QC status to “passed” or “failed”. This asset QC status change can be configured to trigger secondary events, using the built-in Cantemo Rules Engine to, for example, transcode and export a transmission ready file to broadcast server storage, or alternatively delete the original file and email the “failed” auto-QC PDF report to the relevant content partner, for fixing and resubmission.

Accurate.Video Validate.png

With several clients already using both applications separately in their media workflows, Codemill was keen to deliver a smoother, more elegant user experience between them. Accurate.Video Validate is a professional browser based application, used by technical operations teams for QC and review. Accurate.Video Validate supports frame accurate playback of video, combined with multiple discrete audio tracks, subtitles and time-based metadata, allowing users to quickly spot check content, add manual markers, range based annotations and review auto-QC reports or AI/ML analysed data, using advanced keyboard controls.

Cantemo is powerful, scalable and modular, hybrid cloud Media Asset Management (MAM) software, with advanced search, content storage and metadata management. Cantemo’s customisable browser based frontend application and extensive REST API backend is easily integrated with third-party platforms and services, enabling users to manage remote content operations quickly and efficiently.

Cantemo .png

Martin Fellbrink, CTO, Cantemo, commented: "Customers of both Accurate.Video Validate and Cantemo have been requesting tighter integration between our two products. With the recent acquisition of Cantemo by Codemill, it was easy for us to extend the existing interoperability into a close integration. The result is a more seamless user experience between the two.”

Integration with Poster means that content operations and marketing teams can extract high-resolution posters and VOD thumbnails from high resolution video content directly in the browser, with scaling, cropping, graphic overlays and custom output templates, all managed within Cantemo.

Accurate.Video Validate, Accurate.Video Poster, and Cantemo remain available as separate products and can be integrated with other solutions as required, via REST API.

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