Codemill launches Accurate.Video as a Service

Neil Anderson
September 13, 2023
Codemill launches Accurate.Video as a Service

Umeå, Sweden, 13th September 2023Codemill (Nasdaq:CDMIL) has announced a new and efficient feature for Accurate.Video for SaaS integration. 

The new integration approach is made possible by Launch Template Architecture (LTA), which enables integration with an Accurate.Video frontend web application from any existing platform or service. By integrating with this service no installation or self-hosting is required, enabling concise media workflows, on a per task basis. 

LTA removes the need for customers or partners to install Accurate.Video. Instead, asset access remains in the users’ own environment. This allows the user to define what they want to show, how they want to show it in Accurate.Video and the desired output once they are done working with Accurate.Video.  

The LTA enables customers and partners to integrate Accurate.Video in a matter of days. Providing Accurate.Video, hosted by Codemill, allows users to work with content from their own platform, while maintaining maximum content security, as no assets or metadata is stored, cached or ingested into Accurate.Video.  

“The introduction of Accurate.Video as a service and LTA is ground-breaking for media content creators and technology partners. It removes historical complexity, enabling lightning-fast integration that can be completed in days rather than months. It is also resilient against system errors and issues."
Neil Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, Codemill
“Codemill wishes to reach as many partners and users as possible and by introducing LTA and Accurate.Video as a service, we can grow our footprint.” 

Accurate.Video is designed to optimise content preparation and validation through metadata assisted workflows and the automation of labour-intensive media operations, including essential edit segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation. 

Codemill is exhibiting on Booth 6.C11a at IBC 2023 from 15th-18thSeptember.

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