Codemill Launches High-Resolution, Real-time Media Playback Initiative

September 7, 2022

Umeå, Sweden, 7th September 2022 – Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) has launched its cloud native Just-in-Time (JiT) playback initiative for Accurate.Player and Accurate.Video, with demonstrations taking place at IBC. JiT enables the migration of high bandwidth media workflows to the public cloud, without compromising on resolution, format, codec or access time.

JiT enables real-time playback of full resolution media, directly from the cloud, at the very best quality, without needing to generate web proxies. It has been built with resource efficiency in mind, utilising a unique auto-scaling capability. JiT spins up and down on-demand, keeping cost to a minimum and without impacting the user experience. 

JiT supports low latency playback of technically challenging media formats and codecs, such as Apple QuickTime ProRes/MOV and MXF, including XDCAM HD and JPEG 2000, directly from Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage. Users can playback and edit media and time-based metadata, using Codemill’s Accurate Player and Accurate.Video cloud native applications, using a standard web browser, from any location. The JiT initiative includes support for; audio scrubbing, frame-stepping, multi-channel audio switching and can display multiple subtitles on-screen, with extensive keyboard controls. 

Image: Architectural overview of JiT

JiT security features ensure users can only play full-resolution content, based on their user role, permission, or the task assigned to them by supervisors, with all content encrypted by default.

Image: Auto-scaling approach

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO, Codemill, commented: “Media organisations need to maximise workflow agility, accessing content as and when needed, while maintaining complete control of their editing and QC processes. Codemill developed the JiT initiative, following feedback from customers on their media processing requirements. Large media companies increasingly need advanced solutions, but without adding extra processes or complexities to their workflows. Codemill will be integrating JiT with Accurate.Player and Accurate.Video.”

JiT is available using a session-based licensing model for Accurate.Player and for content validation in Accurate.Video. JiT support for editing and poster generation in Accurate.Video, and Cantemo MAM will follow later this year.

Codemill will be exhibiting at IBC on booth 6.C11 from 9th – 12th September. Find out more or book a meeting.

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