Codemill Releases New Accurate.Video Ad-break Workspace

January 5, 2023
Umeå, Sweden, 5th January 2023 - Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) has released new ad-break functionality within its cloud-native, media operations solution, Accurate.Video. The metadata driven ad-break workspace allows users to define content duration and identify the best spots for commercial advertising placement.

Accurate.Video is designed to optimise content preparation through the automation of labour-intensive media workflows, including essential edit segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation. It allows for seamless integration with any web-browser based video platform, application, or MAM, and features metadata-driven workflows in a configurable, intuitive, user-interface. 

Replacing clunky and counterintuitive spreadsheet ad-break management, Accurate.Video automatically calculates the duration of a program and helps to identify the best position for ad-breaks. The dedicated ad-break workspace includes a new marker type (a spanning marker) that enables users to define the start and end of a program. Content operators can then create dedicated breaks, ranges, and cuts, creating frame-accurate Time-Based metadata, which can be formatted, and exported to downstream ad-insertion systems.

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO, Codemill, commented: “Faced with a crowded media landscape, video providers need to adapt their monetisation strategies. With many providers introducing ad-funded models, being able to quickly determine segmentation points is crucial for efficient workflows. Automation within advertising workflows, optimises ad-break insertion, and increases the opportunities for monetisation. In this way, Accurate.Video helps to create a seamless experience for viewers, and value for advertisers.”

The ad-break workspace is available to users of Accurate.Video alongside existing Validation, Editing and Audio workspaces. Find out more information here.

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