Codemills workflow – Just-In-Time Playback in Accurate.Video Validate

March 13, 2024
Codemill aims to revolutionize media workflow efficiency at this year's NAB Show by introducing Just-In-Time (JIT) playback technology in Accurate.Video Validate, its flagship Quality Control (QC) product. This innovative feature signifies a significant advancement in the handling of high-resolution media files, offering unmatched real-time access and playback capabilities directly within the cloud.
Neil Anderson, CRO at Codemill, emphasizes the impact of JIT playback in Accurate.Video Validate on the media and entertainment technology sector.
"The challenge of managing and reviewing high-resolution, high-bitrate media files, in the cloud, has long been a bottleneck in media production workflows. With JIT playback in Accurate.Video Validate, we're not just streamlining these processes; we're revolutionizing them, allowing for real-time, frame-accurate scrubbing and playback of original media files, without the need for proxies."

This innovative technology enables users to conduct thorough QC checks, insert ad break and binge markers, log highlights, perform compliance review, and more, all while interacting with the original media in the highest possible quality. This direct access eliminates the time-consuming and low-resolution compromise of proxy generation and management, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing operational costs.

"JIT playback in Accurate.Video Validate addresses a critical need for faster, more flexible QC and content preparation workflows," Anderson explains.
"By enabling playback of high-res material directly from S3 storage or on-premise, we empower users to make informed decisions about their content, regardless of its storage location. This is particularly beneficial for archive use cases where accessing and repurposing legacy content can be challenging."

The integration of JIT playback technology into Accurate.Video Validate not only improves the QC workflow but also supports broader objectives of archive management and content monetization. As media companies increasingly explore their archives for monetization opportunities – especially in today's economy – the ability to swiftly prepare content for distribution is more vital than ever. JIT playback in Accurate.Video Validate facilitates this by providing immediate access for localization, QC, compliance, and final distribution checks.

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