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January 31, 2022
ProSiebenSat.1 is a German free to air television network that has been around for several decades. Reaching over 45 million TV households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ProSieben offers 27 free and pay-TV channels. Founded in 2000, ProSieben today is one of the most successful independent media companies in Europe, with a strong presence in the TV and digital markets.

The Challenge

Having been active in the market for some time, ProSieben was increasing viewers each year. As a result of its continued growth, it needed a larger infrastructure alongside an updated system to handle an increase in viewer traffic as part of its media management modernisation.

ProSieben was looking to replace its old MAM systems, which were slow and expensive to maintain, and deliver new solutions for distribution and acquisition workflows. The network wanted to transform its linear and non-linear TV offering as well as wanting to introduce a new content library whilst continuing to maintain an excellent user experience.

The network approached Codemill as a result of its strong track record of delivering complex projects with quality solutions. ProSieben was aware of Codemill’s reputation as a specialist in video technology and UX design, for the media and entertainment industry. ProSieben recognised that Codemill was the ideal partner for the project.

What Codemill did

The Codemill team integrated fully with the ProSieben team to manage the project. It began with in-depth consulting, in order to really understand the organisation, its users and the technical challenges within the existing workflow. From these discussions, Codemill understood the importance of delivering an excellent user experience, high availability and high performance. This required collaboration across many disciplines as well as complex problem solving, Codemill provided strategic advice and guidance based on its broad domain knowledge in video technology.

Codemill integrated its frame accurate HTML5 player Accurate Player into the workflow applications, as well as supporting and updating it based on ProSieben feature requests and technical circumstances. Accurate Player has an easy interface to access highly secure material and offers the ability to playback video frame accurately in the browser. The integration allowed ProSieben to view subtitles, manage manual quality control, and preview EDLs.

Codemill also provided ProSieben with professional services for UX, Back-end, Front-end, DevOps and architecture across all ProSieben’s apps. Performing user research and requirement analysis to solve the problems for both the network and its end users.

“We are very pleased to have Codemill as our custom development partner for a project of this magnitude. They bring with them a unique blend of knowledge, skills and expertise in workflow customization, video technology and UX design. Combine this with their deep technical understanding of Cantemo portal and Vidispine, the decision to bring them on board was an easy one. With phase one of the project underway we are already seeing the value they bring to the table. We look forward to continue working closely with them to make this project a resounding success.”
Dr. Martin Emele - Managing Director, ProSiebenSat.1

In conclusion

Phase one resulted in building the platform architecture and implementing distribution supply for Free TV. The second phase focused on video transformation and non-linear distribution. Leading to phase 3, where MAM and MAM-related systems were migrated through more complex workflows. The final stage focused on consolidating the infrastructure.

The results can be seen in ProSieben’s two key distribution apps (for Linear TV and Non-linear distribution to Partners) which are live and much appreciated by users.

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