Connecting Islands of VOD Content

August 8, 2023

The challenges of media storage segmentation

Since their inception, VOD entertainment platforms have experienced an explosion in popularity. As relative newcomers to the media landscape, you’d think that these entertainment providers would be ahead of the game in terms of asset management. But it’s the rapid growth which has caused challenges at scale. Often, post-production and content preparation teams are struggling with the same difficulties as media organisations that have been around for decades.

The biggest challenge that some entertainment providers face is that content is split up across various clusters of storage. The location of these can be both on-prem and in the cloud, and content in these silos can be tough to locate. So, grab your map, it's time to go island hopping!

Adaptable content exploration

As media volume increases, MAM should be at the core of optimising content workflows for VOD providers. But it must be set up for success, so that as media assets expand, the MAM can grow with them. Flexibility in workflow design helps media businesses stay in control of their assets and find what they are looking for. An adaptable MAM should offer scalable workflows and be available on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

Managing content at scale requires streamlined and efficient workflows and metadata is crucial for effortless content management, especially when dealing with large volumes. Legacy MAM’s have a bit of an old-school reputation, but the new hybrid kids on the block are so much more than a content repository. By offering a unique set of features that go beyond traditional MAM systems, new MAMs automate workflows and ensure that edit segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation are a breeze.

A hybrid approach

Cantemo is a true hybrid-cloud MAM solution. While some companies may opt for either legacy on-premises MAMs or newer cloud-based MAMs, Cantemo accommodates both worlds. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for VOD entertainment companies with varying needs. For organisations concerned about security and data protection, Cantemo allows them to keep content on-premises. On the other hand, those embracing cloud storage can seamlessly consolidate content in the cloud. Moreover, it enables effortless migration between these states, ensuring a smooth transition as per business requirements.

Wherever you happen to be based, content operators and editors should have access to flexible, intuitive, and highly customisable workflows, via a user-friendly interface. This ensures that users can easily navigate and perform tasks, resulting in a flow state that enhances productivity and creativity.  Archiving rules and automated offloading from different storage tiers can be set in advance, reducing manual intervention, and streamlining content management. Hybrid-cloud systems also allow for advanced metadata-driven workflows for quicker search and discovery.  

Integrating the landscape

One key advantage that sets Cantemo apart from other MAM systems is its exceptional integration capabilities. VOD entertainment companies often find themselves dealing with multiple workflows and disparate islands of content storage. Cantemo acts as the bridge that connects these islands, creating a cohesive ecosystem. Imagine a map where each island represents a different workflow. Cantemo's powerful integration tools act as a guiding route, helping you explore, connect, and navigate effortlessly through these various channels.

Workflow collaboration is a key factor and MAMs should feature a modern web-based API, which makes integration with third parties very straightforward. Today, cross-platform compatibility is not an industry standard, so a lot of MAMs come with proprietary API's that are difficult to integrate. Customisable post-production applications and infrastructure also allow companies to use preferred standards and languages to make sure that solutions work for local teams. Cantemo features a comprehensive REST API that allows smooth integration with third-party tools. Unlike other MAM systems, Cantemo's open approach streamlines the process, breaking barriers to compatibility across platforms.  

Let’s get this expedition started!

Media companies need to adapt to the changing landscape of content consumption to succeed. Efficient content management, leveraging automation and time-based metadata, all help media organisations to thrive and maximise their asset value. Cantemo's intuitive solutions eliminate the need to transfer or download content before working on it. With metadata-driven workflows, content processing becomes quicker and more streamlined, empowering teams to work smarter and use resources more effectively.

Cantemo is not just another MAM system; it is a game-changer for VOD entertainment companies seeking seamless media workflow expansion. Its integration prowess and customisable toolsets, combined with a true hybrid-cloud solution, improve efficiency. Whether in the cloud, on-premises, or both, Cantemo adapts and scales with you, enabling media teams to explore new opportunities. Want to reach your potential with Cantemo and connect your separate content storage islands? Find out more here.

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