Use Case: Creating Subclips for Content Promotion

March 23, 2023
In the entertainment age, competition for viewers is fierce. Linear channels need to attract bigger audiences, by promoting show highlights during scheduled breaks. VOD platforms need to effectively sum-up a show, using preview content that will tempt subscribers to start watching. But it’s no longer enough to advertise content within the confines of your own platform or channel. VOD providers and broadcasters need to go beyond a captive audience and extend their content promotion into social spaces too.

Selecting the right subclips to give consumers a flavour of the content on offer, or encourage them to share their viewing experience is crucial. If the content is ready to binge, then it’s important not to include spoilers, because subscribers will be at different points in their viewing journey. If the content is served in a linear format, then promo clips need to be topical, to maximise engagement and connect with fans. But with so much media to pull from, and with social feeds overflowing with content vying for consumer’s attention, how can VOD providers and broadcasters keep up?

Scrubbing through Content
Traditionally, the only way to pull out relevant promotional clips from a piece of content was for operators to manually scrub through a video file. Once teams found what they were looking for, they’d then need to extract the relevant clips and share with an editor to collate those highlights into a sizzle reel or teaser. Finding specific shots relied on an encyclopaedic knowledge of a series, while continually assessing what a potential viewer might resonate with. This is obviously a time consuming task and puts limits on the amount of promotional content that can be created.

The Magic of Metadata
Metadata is the key to unlocking more promotional opportunities – but it is nothing without context. There are a number of technical tools and AI services that can tag content with the appropriate metadata. But there is also a need for manual input, so that media companies can implement a metadata schema that works for them. Another important factor is using an advanced Media Asset Management solution, with built-in annotation and indexing options. This will make sure the associated metadata is searchable and accurate, with consistent naming conventions that work for you, not against.

X Marks the Spot
By leveraging metadata visualisation in workflows, operators can say goodbye to hours of scrubbing through video content. To find what they are looking for, metadata can either be tagged at ingest or added on demand as the requirements change. Tools that allow metadata to be ingested from third-party applications, while still letting media teams step in as needed, will help entertainment providers make the most of their content. Downstream executions, like subclip extraction and promo creation are streamlined with time-based metadata. If content markers are time-coded and frame-accurate, clips can be easily located, repurposed, and shared on social media and other platforms.

Creating subclips for sizzles and teasers is a common use case for promo teams. Content creators need to isolate video clips with the click of a button, to create enough promotional assets to stand out on social media. Accurate.Video has an intuitive UI, that allows users to easily identify promotional subclips in a visual timeline. It displays frame-accurate, time-coded metadata and includes easy-to-use toolsets that extract multiple video segments in one action. Segments can be rendered and exported as individual files or a single new file, with  the flexibility to export video and audio, in a format of your choice. Find out more about Accurate.Video

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