Creating Superior Experiences for TVMatchen Users

May 2, 2022
In any programme or application creation, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are vital when building a platform designed with consumers in mind. UX and UI go hand in hand - you can’t deliver a great UX without an aesthetically pleasing UI. Now that consumers are demanding more from their devices and chosen apps, the creation of meaningful, yet simple, platforms becomes even more vital.

Since its inception in 2010, Raketech has grown to an award-winning iGaming affiliate company, with a passion for inspiring consumers to improve their decision making. Created with the aim of delivering relevant and streamlined content in its expert field, Raketech helps connect consumers to the best services for an immersive experience.

A Change in Expectations

Having acquired the sports-focused platform, in April 2017, Raketech wanted to improve the existing mobile app. The app already provided users with a live overview of sport events across Scandinavia but also needed to showcase up-to-date TV listings, team and league statistics, and live odds across a variety of sports disciplines.

As well as providing real-time information to users, the app needed to be easy to use, entertaining, and satisfy the expectations of the users to keep them engaged.

The TVMatchen service needed to enhance user value, ensuring it would hold its trusted position when up against competitors.

Knowledge is Key

Having worked on previous TVMatchen projects, Raketech chose to enlist Codemill’s expertise for the ongoing development of the service. The Codemill team brought a proven understanding of the TVMatchen platform and its user requirements to the project.

Codemill has developed all TVMatchen smartphone and tablet apps dating back to 2013.

Having worked on various TVMatchen apps, we already had extensive knowledge of the service. This was extremely beneficial to Raketech, and avoided the need for extra time to be spent on background information or requirement briefings.”
Peter Bjuhr, Head of Product Engineering Codemill

Working closely with TVMatchen, Codemill’s team of developers provided a mix of UI and UX design to create several prototypes before user testing and perfecting the design to meet the client’s requirements. Codemill also provided front-end and back-end development services throughout the project.

A Rich User Experience

With the support of Codemill, TVMatchen was able to provide the best quality sports application for its users.

"Codemill has helped us bring our apps to the next level and we are very pleased with the cooperation and result. Codemill continuously deliver very good products, and we especially appreciate the team’s creativity, when developing solutions and coming up with new ideas. We really enjoy working with Codemill!"
Jonas Petersson, CTO, Raketech

Codemill continues to work closely with Raketech on this project to iterate, improve and develop the best possible, user rich experience for all customers using the apps in five countries. Including:

  • Sweden (
  • Denmark (
  • Norway (
  • Germany (
  • UK (

The service allows users to select their favourite sports, leagues, and teams and set-up alerts for the next big event. The app then automatically updates the user with all the relevant TV listings, ensuring they are always notified of events for their favourite sports.

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