Integrating Media Asset Management & Content Supply Chain Workflows

Prior to the acquisition of Cantemo by Codemill this summer, we had received several requests by mutual clients to integrate Cantemo next generation Media Asset Management (MAM) software with Accurate.Video, especially Codemill’s professional QC and content review application, called Validate.

But why would MAM need to fit seamlessly with a content supply chain application and not just occupy Portal’s traditional role, managing metadata, storage and archives? Here are five reasons why integration matters:

1.Consumers expect more content than ever before

Consumers now expect all content to be available on-demand and on any device. So it has become increasingly challenging to manage and repurpose petabytes of archive and production content, quickly and efficiently. Integrated workflows mean that content creators can focus on production, while their MAM keeps everything organised.

2.Workflows are increasingly complex

Media workflows have become steadily more complex in recent years - with exploding content production and numerous delivery platforms across different regions, there are more resolutions, media formats, language tracks, subtitles, metadata, and processes to manage. As the number of platforms continues to rise, it becomes even more challenging to shoot, edit, and distribute localised content versions efficiently and at scale. It is not acceptable to force creatives to manage thousands or millions of assets using just files and folders, across multiple storage tiers, with little or no searchable metadata. And no media workflow is an island - archives must be readily accessible to users working with creative tools, connected to shared production storage, or who need to review and collaborate remotely.

3.So you can concentrate on creating great content

Workflows which are manual, repetitive, mundane and error prone, lead to reduced productivity, inefficiency, increased costs, user frustration and higher staff turnover. Integrating platforms makes for a seamless, elegant and efficient workflow, so users can spend more time being creative and less time managing multiple logins, separate user interfaces and performing manual tasks.

4.So you can monetize your content effectively

It is all very well having great content, but if you can’t find it, then you haven’t got it and you definitely can’t monetize it! MAMs are crucial to helping keep historical content organised across multiple storage tiers, so that you can easily search, playback and repurpose your valuable media.

5.To help you grow your video services

Ultimately all content owners desire to manage their archive, while repurposing and monetising it across a rapidly expanding number of platforms and services. A seamless MAM and content supply chain workflow makes it much easier to scale as you grow.

I am excited about the future of Cantemo as part of the Codemill family and what it means for our customers, helping them to more efficiently create and distribute great content. We have recently integrated Cantemo with our flagship Accurate.Video Validate QC and review product, as well as with Accurate.Video Poster, with more integrations and new features to come next year.

To get a demo or to discuss a project in detail, please get in touch!

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