Introducing Cantemo 6 – Media Asset Management never looked better!

March 4, 2024
Umeå, Sweden, 4th March 2024 - Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL.ST) announced the release of Cantemo 6, a significant update to its Media Asset Management (MAM) software, designed to streamline the workflows of studios, broadcasters, sports teams and brands like never before. With a focus on enhancing the User Experience (UX), Cantemo 6 introduces a refreshed user interface, many user experience improvements, upgrades to all backend components and the integration of Codemill’s highly regarded Accurate Player.

Improved search and filter view

Cantemo 6 brings improved search functionality, enabling users to effortlessly navigate through file, asset, and user metadata with dynamic filters and quick access buttons. This latest version prioritizes essential search criteria and collections, making finding relevant content faster and more intuitive. Additionally, saved searches and search history have been optimized for better accessibility, further simplifying the user's workflow.

With this update users can adjust and customize their search settings directly from the search page. This could include changing parameters like the number of items displayed per page or the sorting order of search results. Such direct control over search parameters is a user-centric approach, allowing for a more tailored search experience.

New item page

The biggest highlight of Cantemo 6 is the integration of Accurate Player, which offers advanced capabilities for navigating around video, audio and subtitles, with extensive keyboard controls. Accurate Player supports both multi-channel discrete and embedded audio monitoring, as well as playback for binary subtitle formats including SRT, STL, SCC, PAC and CAP, as well as modern web subtitle standards like TTML, IMSC 1.1 and WebVTT.

With Codemill’s reputation for designing elegant and intuitive UX, we have significantly refined user interaction patterns to be clear and consistent. The redesign also features a more logical layout of metadata tabs, panels and actions, ensuring that users spend less time clicking and more time making creative decisions. 

"Through this redesigned user interface, enhanced search and discovery capabilities, and improved support for cloud-based workflows we provide our best version yet. We can't wait for our customers to experience the benefits of Cantemo 6 and take their media asset management to the next level." - Simon Bergmark, CPO

Cantemo 6 is available now, through our global network of reseller and systems integration partners. For more information on Cantemo 6, visit our website at

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