Navigating the Sea of Irrelevant Ads with AI

Johan Bergström
September 5, 2023
Ad-supported video services are on the rise. Consumers are much more willing to sit through ads for free access to the content they want. At the same time, they don’t want to drown in a sea of irrelevant ads that detract from the mood of the content they are watching. Indeed, a recent Vionlabs report found that younger audiences in particular have abandoned ad-supported services due to a poor advertising experience. How can broadcasters make sure they can keep both consumers and advertisers happy, ensuring they can effectively monetize services without losing viewers? 

What if we could capture the mood? 

Picture the scene: you are deeply engrossed in the latest episode of The Night Agent, when suddenly it goes to an ad for laundry detergent. That abrupt switch is likely to disrupt the mood and pull you out of the action. What if the ads served during that episode are more in keeping with the mood so that you, as a viewer, barely notice the change to the ads.  

Timing the breaks 

Timing the breaks is an area where the industry has always been striving for perfection. This is even more challenging for AVOD services where consumers are creating their own personal playlist and video providers are looking to create the most personalized experience possible. Because people are not watching the same thing at the same time, the ad breaks are not pre-determined in the same way they are with linearTV. At the same time, it is crucial that ad-breaks are timed well so as not to land in the midst of a gripping scene, for example.  

The labour and time intensive processes 

Manually determining the right timings for ad breaks in every single piece of content in your library would be a painstaking task and one that most video providers could simply not justify. Add to that the job of determining which ads fit best in each of those dependent on the mood, not only of the video being consumed, but also of the specific scene, and it is simply not feasible to manage that. At the same time getting it right can make all the difference for keeping consumers engaged, even during the ads, and increasing monetization opportunities by being able to serve ads at the right moment to the right customers.

Leveraging AI: Accurate.Video and AINAR   

Video content providers are already beginning to use AI throughout their workflows to dramatically improve efficiencies. Ad placement is another area where this makes a lot of sense, enabling a faster and more intuitive approach. Working with Vionlabs, we have integrated Accurate.Video with its AI solution, AINAR .  

AINAR is able to deliver comprehensive automatically generated metadata, which accurately describes each piece of content in your video library. It autonomously generates detailed video descriptions identifying the storyline, genre, mood tags and much more. 

Accurate.Video enables content providers to create dedicated ad breaks, ranges, and cuts, and generate time-based metadata. By using content markers, media operators can effortlessly define the start and end of a program, automatically calculate its duration, and identify suitable spots for advert placement. This approach integrates ads into natural transitions, making them less intrusive, benefiting both the audience and the advertiser. 

Discover how the Accurate.Video ad-break workspace integrates with AINAR to create a seamless AVOD experience for viewers while maximizing value for advertisers.

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