Optimising audio loudness & normalisation across the Media Supply Chain

April 29, 2024
Codemill, a leading developer of cloud-native media applications, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Emotion Systems audio processing automation engine. This partnership leverages Emotion Systems' expertise in audio loudness and normalisation to enhance Codemill's Accurate.Video content validation software, offering a more integrated and efficient workflow for media operations professionals.
Simon Bergmark, CPO at Codemill, emphasised the significance of this integration. "Integrating Emotion Systems’ loudness measurement reporting into Accurate.Video Validate, enables users to visualise audio loudness time-based metadata, alongside frame-accurate playback of video, multi-channel audio and subtitles, facilitating compliance to international broadcast standards, such as ATSC A/85, EBU R 128 or Op59.”

This integration helps identify files that require the adjustment of audio levels and redirect them to Emotion for correction, removing the need for manual intervention. Additionally, Emotions audio verification tool Examine will generate information about the channel layout, encoded content and silence which can be readily displayed on Accurate.Video. The partnership is beneficial for our mutual clients, including major studios like Paramount, enhancing their ability to maintain consistent audio standards across all content. 

“We are very excited to extend our integration to support Accurate.Video and show the flexibility that is built into the emotion engine. Our customers will see significant improvements in their QC workflows, making it easier to ensure compliance and reduce audio QC rejections across the Media Supply Chain," added MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems.

Codemill showcased this integration for the first time at the NAB 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas, highlighting how this new integration simplifies the media supply chain from audio analysis to final content approval. Both Emotion Systems and Codemill were encouraged by the live demonstrations at the NAB Show, which all garnered a positive response.

Accurate.Video Validate displaying Emotion Systems audio loudness time-based metadata

About Codemill

Codemill is a publicly listed technology company on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, offering UX design, custom software development and products for the Media and Entertainment industry. Codemill’s Accurate.Video, Accurate Player SDK and Cantemo MAM products power the world’s leading broadcast, VOD/OTT, Content Supply Chain and Media Asset Management workflows.

About Emotion Systems

Emotion Systems provide audio professionals in the broadcast and television industry with the very best products to solve real-life problems. We do this by focusing relentlessly on audio processing, listening enthusiastically to our clients and industry colleagues, and collaborating to create products that innovate the broadcast industry. As a small team of specialists, Emotion Systems has designed products that have helped audio professionals all over the world transition from analogue to digital delivery, navigate the changes in the industry, and provide operational efficiencies in the process. More information available at www.emotion-systems.com

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