Overcoming the Pain Points of Content Processing

March 31, 2023
Leading the Way Through the Media Maze

There is a solution for every problem, although it may not be clear at first. Within the media and entertainment sector, it isn’t until next-gen technology is applied to real-word use cases that the full potential is uncovered. During the initial stages of technological innovation, a period of ongoing development is common, and working collaboratively with customers helps to push boundaries. From validation and QC to editing and segmentation, at Codemill, we’re always looking for ways to make workflows more efficient. But we can’t do that without insights from media companies.

It is difficult to design the right tools and solutions without first knowing what a media organisation needs to operate effectively. Asking questions and spending time listening to the user's pain points can be a big eye-opener. Workshops and consultations are invaluable and ensure that development starts with the user in mind. The term “user-centric” is pretty common in the media industry, and it’s important to look at everything from their perspective. But our mission is about more than getting the features right – it’s ensuring that day-to-day work life is less stressful for media teams.

Understanding Content Processing Requirements

Let’s paint a picture: sure, you can implement an off the shelf solution which (on paper) fulfils your every need with an end-to-end workflow. But it’s not until you put the solution into practice that you start to realise you’ve wasted a whole load of time, effort, and money, on something that’s fighting against the people who use it. Rather than seamlessly slotting in with the tools content operators need on a daily basis, your new solution is dictating the way things are done. No-one wants to be locked into restrictive workflows, which is why it’s crucial to bring the applications to the content, not the other way around.

Accurate.Video was specifically designed for the media industry, and to fit in with your content team. It is all about the user. Our suite of products brings advanced content processing features to life, in an elegant, browser-based workflow. Accurate.Video is used by some of the world’s leading studios, broadcasters, VOD services, and publishers. The success of the solution is testament to its functionality, features, and ongoing development. But how did it all start?

The Evolution of Accurate.Video

Accurate.Video was built with collaborative media workflows in mind, and those collaborative values are right to the core of its product development. By understanding users and the content supply chain, we’ve developed metadata driven tools to help teams out. At Codemill, we recognise that content processing can be time-consuming and complex, regardless of whether that’s for logging, curation, validation, QC, or media segmentation. We exist to empower media teams, but it’s important to recognise that a product suite cannot satisfy every requirement of every workflow in one hit. It’s all about an ongoing collaboration, where custom development helps us to iterate and innovate, alongside studios, broadcasters, and VOD providers.

The development of Accurate.Video was influenced by our work with media companies such as Joyn. Founded in 2019, Joyn is a free, multi-channel streaming platform which bundles live streams and on demand content from more than 60 channels, featuring series, sports, and movies, as well as originals and exclusives. Offering a vast library of aggregated content from many different partners, Joyn receives a plethora of media files which require Quality Control (QC) checks before being sent for distribution. Identifying common issues with metadata, such as incorrect, inconsistent, or missing information, was becoming increasingly time consuming.

Joyn’s resources could be used more efficiently, if media operators didn’t need to manually identify the exact location of errors before taking action. That’s where we came in. The project with Joyn provided the perfect launch pad for Accurate.Video. Since its initial release, Accurate.Video has appeared in various iterations, but has always stayed true to its roots of ensuring that the user experience is enjoyable and efficient. Making the workflow magic happen with metadata!


Deliver with Confidence

Although Accurate.Video has been productised over the years, innovative custom development work still underpins what we do at Codemill. The platform’s features have been developed in response to an evolving media industry, and it is continually being enhanced to address the issues faced by media teams. Accurate.Video was designed to enable media organisations to intuitively respond to the demands of high-volume content operations. Whether you need cloud-native tools to validate, edit, or enrich your media, Accurate.Video has the answer for you. Get started with Accurate.Video today.

Taking the time to recognise your pain points is the first step to creating your ideal media workflow. Even if you’re concerned that the right tools don’t exist, discussing your needs can often trigger an idea, which in turn leads to the development of something beautiful. Find out about our Digital Services and realise your media ambitions.

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