Solving Media Workflow Challenges

May 19, 2023
Mo’ Media, Mo’ Problems

Where’s my stuff?

Entertainment providers and broadcasters don’t exactly pack light. Huge content archives of valuable assets mean they have a lot to deal with. Add to that, varying infrastructure requirements and complex workflows, and you have some serious asset baggage on your hands. Operators and editors need to easily search and filter through media content, and then take action in as few steps as possible. Of course, a MAM should optimise your asset search with the right metadata, but it must also improve workflow automation, and connect seamlessly with post-production tools.

Entertainment providers and broadcasters need more than a Media Asset Management system. They need the perfect mix of solutions to handle content at scale. The exact recipe will differ from one company to the next, and it will depend on the actions that need to be taken further downstream. Whatever the requirements, media teams should be able to integrate their preferred tools and infrastructure seamlessly, either through custom development or REST APIs. Cantemo offers a huge menu of solutions to maximise your media workflows, find out more here.

But seriously, I need it right now!

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by clunky workflows and unnecessary processes? Well, it's time to break free from the limitations of media playback and embrace the browser. Media companies should be able to access their precious content whenever and wherever they need it, without any compromises on asset resolution, format, codec, or access time. Luckily, full resolution media playback from the cloud is no longer a pipe dream!

It's time to change the game, with Just-in-Time (JiT) media playback. Media specialists can now play all video formats, complete with embedded and discrete audio (plus subtitles) in real-time, without generating any pesky proxies. Our JiT engine is cloud-native, auto-scaling, and low latency. It allows you to peek inside a video for those quick file checks. Find out more about proxy-less, high-resolution media playback from any storage location here.

Do I need to keep repeating myself?

Media operators are often subjected to repetitive manual processes that don’t make the best use of their skill sets. Sometimes it can leave you feeling like a hamster running on a content processing wheel. But what if you could ditch scrubbing through content the old-school way, and find faster and more efficient methods to validate, edit, and enrich media?

Enter, time-based metadata! It's like a magic wand that can make sub-clipping, ad-insertion, rough-cut editing, and promo creation happen at lightning speed. Content processing workloads are growing by the day, so it’s important to leverage automation (where it makes sense) and free operators from unnecessary pressure. Accurate.Video connects with any video platform, application, or MAM. Find out more about our frame accurate, cloud-native tools for logging, curation, validation, QC, and media segmentation here.

Don’t mess with my (work)flow!

Are you struggling to keep your media flowing smoothly through the content supply chain? Complex media organisations need workflows that are connected, intuitive, and adaptable. But unfortunately, due to the scale they are operating at, this can be easier said than done. Teams need the perfect combination of tools and solutions that integrate seamlessly. As more and more organisations make the move to the cloud, it's crucial to choose the best-in-class partners who can deliver deep technology integrations.  

With the right mix of partners and tools, you can transform your content supply chain into a well-oiled machine! Not only do our products integrate seamlessly with each other, but they also connect with best-of-breed post-production workflows and archive technologies available today. Our recent integrations with Embrace and Backlight’s iconik are a great example of this. Contact us now to discover more.

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