Spotlight on Codemill’s Partners at IBC 2023

September 20, 2023

IBC2023 was a roaring success, with Codemill at the front and center of creative working and collaborative partnerships. At this year’s show, many Codemill technology partners showcased the benefits and ease of integration with Cantemo, Accurate.Video and AccuratePlayer SDK.

Media processing efficiency can’t be achieved by working in silos, so consequently, technology partnerships have never been more important, as media companies seek out best-in-class solutions that integrate seamlessly with their cloud migration strategies.

Collaborative partnerships are driving innovation across the media industry and reshaping how broadcasters and media organizations manage, process and deliver content. By partnering with some of the leading solution providers in Media Asset Management and the Media Supply Chain, Codemill is providing enjoyable and efficient solutions that enable M&E companies to save time and money.

We’ve recently made Accurate.Video even easier to integrate with, using our innovative, lightweight and secure Launch Template Architecture (LTA). It enables self-service integration with our Accurate.Video frontend web applications, from any existing backend system, API, platform or service in just a few days, rather than taking months of effort.

Here’s just a few of our partners who exhibited at IBC this year:

●      Amazon Web Services(AWS)

●      SDVI

●      Vidispine

●      iconik

●      Embrace

●      Vionlabs

●      Fabric

●      Ortana

●      BuyDRM

And here are just a few of our partners who showcased our solutions, and what they covered:


Accurate.Video is integrated with Backlight’s iconik Media Asset Management (MAM) SaaS platform. Users gain access to elegant and intuitive content processing tools, for rushes and highlights logging, archive curation and media segmentation, such as promos, compliance, highlights and rough cut editing, all while leveraging sophisticated time-based metadata for greater workflow efficiencies.


AccuratePlayer SDK and Accurate.Video is deeply integrated with the Pulse-IT workflow orchestration engine. Together, Media Supply Chain technical operations teams can quickly prepare content for broadcast, SVOD, AVOD, FAST channels and social media, by performing more efficient auto-QC reviews and manual checks, or by leveraging AI to recommend suitable ad-breaks locations and binge markers.

We’re honoured to work alongside so many talented technology and platform partners in the M&E industry, and the success of IBC 2023 demonstrates just how fruitful those collaborations can be.

A massive thank you to every single one of Codemill’s partners that showcased Accurate.Video and Accurate Player SDK at IBC 2023.

If you’d like to know more, you can try out Accurate.Video on our website, review our online technical documentation, or get in touch for a chat.

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