Streamlining QC and Validation with Metadata

February 8, 2023
A Window into your Metadata

Quality control (QC) and content validation are core parts of any media workflow. Ensuring any visual, audio, or subtitle errors are identified and corrected before content is distributed is vital. Traditional QC requires a skilled operator to manually check a piece of content in detail, to ensure no errors have slipped through the net. Although it is essential, there is a major issue with this process: it takes a lot of time!

Media and entertainment is a fast-paced industry and failing to get content ready on time leads to lost revenue, but rushing it out leads to errors. Teams are left demotivated, and consumers are left disappointed. So how can media organisations ensure QC and validation workflows are optimised, without compromising on quality? The answer might just lie in the metadata.

What is Metadata?

Metadata tells you everything you need to know about a file. Media files typically already include basic metadata information, such as the date and file type, but there is potential to go into much more detail. The metadata is embedded into the source file, meaning it sticks to the file and can be viewed from any application it is opened in.

Metadata within a media workflow is highly valuable, and the file information can provide the answers to many questions. However, for it to be effective, there are some issues which need to be addressed. Operators will often have their own way of defining information, but terminology and naming conventions should be predefined by organisations to ensure assets are handled correctly throughout the media supply chain. The quality of the metadata (different standards/multiple languages) can also affect the compatibility of the file. Defining a standard metadata structure is key to consistency.

Metadata in Accurate.Video

You already know this by now (but we’ll say it again for those of you at the back!) - Accurate.Video is a tool for time-based, metadata-driven workflows. It streamlines essential edits, compliance, versioning, QC, validation, and localisation, by displaying the vital details of an asset - the metadata - in a visual timeline. Accurate.Video brings advanced media features to the user by reducing the time it takes, and the need, to move and download high-resolution content. Everything can be done in the browser.

Raw metadata reports generated in xml format can be imported to Accurate.Video then visualised in the timeline. Integration with AWS Rekognition enables the rapid and automatic identification of people, locations, objects, activities, etc., and markers are then created within the content timeline. Metadata visualisation helps media professionals get a deeper insight into their content. Accurate.Video provides operators with a satisfying user interface (UI), allowing them to work on validation and editing tasks more effectively.

Using Metadata to Optimise Workflows

As consumer demand drives more content creation, media organisations need solutions and tools to effectively manage a growing number of assets. However, the lack of consistency and standardisation across the industry can make it difficult to maintain seamless workflows, especially when moving media between solutions.

To streamline workflows, media teams need to leverage the power of time-based metadata. In the post-production stages of a media workflow, metadata can improve searchability, maintain consistency, and enhance collaboration. With time-based metadata as a guide, operators can quickly manage, edit, and remove errors or unnecessary frames of content. This saves time on manual processes, provides more targeted and optimised workflows, and ultimately maximises the value of media assets.

Utilising time-based metadata means operators are provided with the tools to work smarter. If media organisations can release more quality content, more efficiently, the more satisfied consumers they will have. Time-based metadata should be considered a necessity. Accurate.Video is built with metadata in mind, enabling you to deliver your media with confidence.

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