The Media Workflow Chameleon

July 26, 2023

Adapting to the New Content Supply Chain

Things have changed a lot over the last few years for content supply chains. The media industry is increasingly pressurised, due to the high demand for entertainment and the rise of new services. Vendors have become chameleons, fitting in with evolving media requirements and developing solutions that blend into infrastructure at multiple points along the chain. Within large media organisations, content processing workflows have become more complex, as multiple teams contribute to content preparation.

The most challenging part? There is no way to step off the media merry-go-round to make the necessary changes. Infrastructure and workflows must be updated while the music is playing.

Changing Media Infrastructure

While no one wants to go back in time to labour-intensive and time-consuming methods –hunting around in storage for LTOs anyone? For many media companies there is still a gap between the old and the new. So, if you’re not effortlessly typing in keywords to locate your media assets, or leveraging the latest AI and ML tools to speed up content processing, then there might still be a way to go.  

Fear not my friends, because the game has changed! Next-gen tech is here, and we can all come along for the ride. Cloud tools have revolutionised the media industry, giving companies the freedom to ditch old ways and embrace agile and efficient new models. This doesn’t mean completely scrapping existing infrastructure and starting again though. Cloud-based tools allow companies to implement a fully customisable media solution.  

Blending into the Workflow

By working with lightweight web-based solutions, you can build your media workflow, your way. A media-centric SDK is the perfect option, whether you have an existing application or want to build one from scratch. By taking this approach, it is possible to leverage the benefits of a best-in-class media player, but then bolt on the specific features needed for your workflows. This gives content processing teams the right fit for any task.

Are you tired of using resources trying to get your audio and video content just right, only to end up with frustrating inaccuracies? It’s time to elevate your content processing experience with frame-accuracy. Accurate Player SDK is designed to seamlessly integrate and revolutionise the way the media industry handles review, edit, segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation workflows.

The Tools to Adapt

1.   Timeline – A media timeline should be a masterpiece in itself. Content operators are visual people, so rather than cross-referencing clunky documents, everything should sit within a single elegant interface. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision, with the Accurate Player timeline. Within minutes of installation, you'll have access to a perfect overview of all activated audio and subtitle tracks, along with time-based markers that highlight crucial points in your video file with frame accuracy. Our web-based framework offers seamless adaptability, allowing you to tailor the timeline to your specific needs using a modular component design.  

2.   VU Meter – Get a real-time glimpse into your audio with our cutting-edge VU meter. Configure it to your heart's content, from audio levels and loudness warnings to visual appearance. Our audio scrubbing functionality, developed with the latest web component standards, lets you inspect your audio frame-by-frame, ensuring every nuance is just right. With built-in settings, customisability is just a click away.  

3.   Selection Tool – Media selection is the art of precision. Our tool offers the capabilities of advanced image editing software. Smart guidelines and features usually reserved for dedicated editing applications are now at your fingertips. Take advantage of aspect ratio selection to perfectly frame your content. The grid assistance, accompanied by snapping to the centre and edges, ensures your selections are flawless. Then get rid of annoying borders, thanks to our intelligent trim suppression feature.  

4.   Audio Routing - Navigate complex audio setups effortlessly with our audio routing component. Easily change input-to-output audio channel mappings, allowing you to focus on specific channels for validation or test various speaker configurations. Unravel the audio maze, to ensure optimal audio scrubbing and adaptability through built-in settings.  

5.   Gonio and Correlation Meter - Meet your audio's ultimate watchdogs! The gonio and correlation meter tools are here to help you identify errors, such as inverted signals, phase alignment issues, and mono compatibility. Feel confident in the quality of your audio with these indispensable validation tools. Customise the experience with fade-out duration settings and colour theme styling to match your preferences. Additionally, channel selection capabilities let you compare specific channels with ease.  

Join the ranks of the world’s leading broadcasters, VOD, and OTT platforms that trust our feature-rich toolset for unparalleled results. Ready to customise your media experience and level-up your workflows with precision and efficiency? Find out more about Accurate Player SDK here.

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