Trends in Content Production

The media and content industry has been constantly evolving since its inception. Changes in consumer trends and new developments in technology have directly impacted the way that media companies operate today. In particular, since the onset of the pandemic there have been many rapid changes in the way viewers access video content, as well as the type and amount of content they are now accessing. With more time spent at home, the duration spent watching content vastly increased and led many established media brands to develop their own OTT offerings. Even two years into the pandemic, there are still new platforms being released from major broadcasters.

As the demand for more content increases, it is worth considering whether the rising number of OTT platforms is sustainable in the long run. Is it just a Covid effect, or is the trend here to stay? Neil Anderson, CRO, Gregory Cox, SVP Business Solutions, and Lucia Johnstone-Cowan, Sales Manager, discuss the latest trends in content production in this video.

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