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January 25, 2023
The Beauty of Precision

Media organisations have an increasing demand for content from consumers across diverse regions, so there is a need to repurpose and localise wherever possible.

In this blog series, we look at 3 key areas where frame-accurate, metadata-driven workflows can help content providers exceed the expectations of viewers. In our previous blog, we explored the significance of content validation for creating faultless media content, and how Accurate.Video is helping content providers exceed the expectations of viewers. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Accurate.Video’s editing capabilities and explore how users can perform essential edits efficiently in the browser.

A Frame Accurate Future

QC editing has traditionally been a time consuming and cumbersome task. However, with content owners under more pressure to address the needs of their audience, having tools which can refine workflows and optimise QC processes is crucial.

Accurate.Video's accessible editing capabilities allow users to perform essential edits efficiently in the browser, radically simplifying metadata-assisted content QC and compliance tasks for media organisations. With its frame-accurate capabilities, operators can trim videos, remove unwanted content, and combine multiple clips into one longer video, providing an efficient solution for QC edits.

Metadata Driven

Different regions have different rules and broadcasting laws, and content with explicit scenes, swearing, or smoking, may be banned in certain markets. This adds compliance challenges to the editing process, as editors have to ensure all prohibited footage is removed before it is distributed.

Working efficiently with metadata, editors can streamline those time-consuming tasks. Such as; amending animation errors, identifying, and deleting explicit content, and removing end credits. Using Accurate.Video, the editor can accurately identify and edit specific frames before sending it to its next place in media chain. Time-coded metadata can be visualised in the source timeline and utilised to promptly select markers and create segments.


Accurate.Video helps content operators manage and edit assets that have failed QC owing to the presence of bars, slates and tones or black frames. Any unwanted sections, such as intro/end credits, can also be cut, and content can be amended for different audience requirements.

With Accurate.Video providing the ability to view individual frames through thumbnails, editors can accurately amend each frame as needed. The clear overview of metadata markers makes it simple to keep the sync between each video frame and its matching audio or subtitle.

Through its interactive timeline, users are able to drag and drop, allowing them to insert and overwrite timeline operational modes, snap to closest segment, split segments, undo, and redo. Once edits have been finalised, users can create sub clips and export them to the location of choice, ready for use in promotional material.

Create Subclips

Marketing has a pivotal role in driving awareness to your content, and marketing teams need to get promos out fast to maximise exposure. However, selecting appropriate segments and prepping content for promo materials, such as video sneak peeks, press previews and material for social media, can be time consuming.

With Accurate.Video, operators are provided with a simplified way of locating, managing, and amending specific frames – based on the previously added time coded metadata. This removes the complexity of extracting subclips and exporting them to the location of choice.

These advanced capabilities maximise efficiency and allow users to search for assets intuitively before sending for export. Segments can be rendered and exported as individual files or a single new file. Editors have the flexibility to export video and audio, to a format of their choice, including AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Hybrik, and FFmpeg.

Quality control is more important than ever and having an editing solution which fits effortlessly into existing media workflows can be the difference between satisfaction and disappointment, for both consumers and operators. Accurate.Video is the ideal solution for seamless essential editing processes. It meets the needs of targeted content preparation workflows, without overcomplicating the process with unnecessary toolsets. Accurate.Video allows users to quickly select and make editing decisions based on time coded information, using workflows that sit on top of existing tools.

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