Accurate.Video for Artwork Creation

Making it Picture Perfect

This blog series explores 3 key areas where frame-accurate, metadata-driven workflows can help content providers exceed the expectations of viewers. Our previous blogs have explored the significance of content validation and editing capabilities within media workflows. This final blog will dive into the importance of artwork generation and will outline how Accurate.Video can help you select and refine the perfect promotional images for your media content.

The First Impression

A visually pleasing poster or thumbnail can be the difference between viewers watching your video content or scrolling past. The poster is often the first thing that viewers notice when searching for content, whether it’s through marketing materials, social media, or VOD catalogues, so it is important to make an impact.

Accurate.Video has all the features needed to create a frame perfect poster. Accessed through a web-browser, it seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to ensure there are no disruptions to your current systems and processes. Accurate.Video allows you to select images at a frame-level, ready to be featured on your distribution platform of choice.

Increased Speed

Driving engagement to your media can be a challenge, especially when viewers are surrounded by an overwhelming choice of content. Presenting the perfect artwork in a time-efficient manner so it coincides with the launch of your content in multiple regions, is crucial. However, it can be a time-consuming process.

Accurate.Video reduces the time spent selecting and producing your artwork by allowing you to work using proxies. Users can rapidly create posters using proxy content in the browser, removing the limitations of working on standard laptops and improving bandwidth speeds.


Although the satisfaction of your viewers is important, ensuring your workforce is happy with the usability of your editing tools is also crucial. For editing processes to be seamless, users need the ability to quickly select and make editing decisions using an intuitive interface.

Built from the ground up, Accurate.Video has intuition at its core. The solution provides a satisfying, user-friendly experience to its users. For the purpose of creating posters, Accurate.Video features drag-and-drop functionality and provides editors with real-time previews. As well as selecting pre-defined aspect ratios, users can create their own, and with Accurate.Video’s selection tool, snapshots can be further customised using grid-based editing.


Creativity is the fun part of the editing process, but sometimes it doesn’t flow as much as we might want it to. In instances of creative blocks, Accurate.Video has your back!

Users can utilise the pre-defined image templates to create those attention-grabbing images. Exploit the guideline setting to create symmetry and align elements, then use the overlays setting to ensure layers are positioned correctly and your logo isn’t obscuring important elements.

Although sometimes challenging, captivating the viewers’ attention is imperative to the success of your video content. As well as addressing the needs of editors throughout the modern media workflow, Accurate.Video provides the tools to create the perfect artwork, which is truly representative of the video content it belongs to. Efficient tools wrapped in a user-friendly packaging - Simple yet satisfying.

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